iEmulsions Corporation


ATS field testing for improved break times using iEmulsions breakthrough technology. iEmulsions engaged asphalt expert, Tanya Nash to completed DSR testing on 3 of 14 samples placed on their entry roadway to their parent companies asphalt plant. Loaded trucks challenge the exit lane and test section placed by iEmulsions to determine DSR data required for the FAA P-632 specification. ATS also measured break/cure times to establish polymer loading levels for iEmulsions new technology.

ATS field testing of Delta Mist HR and iEmulsions Polymer technology to determine loading ratios of polymer to define break/cure times for nighttime operations. A successful formula was chosen to move to the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) and place on a ALDOT Open Graded Graded Friction Course (OGFC) for Dynamic Friction Testing after placement.

National Center for Asphalt Technology Pilot Project on ALDOT RT. 280 on an OGFC. Within 2 Hours of the application of our R.A.S.S., friction values were restored to their original skid numbers and available to be opened to traffic.

iEmulsions CEO, Brian Fennell, presented Dynamic Friction Test data from ALDOT RT. 280 Trials with NCAT and Dynamic Shear Rheometer testing for ALDOT RT. 280 as a guest speaker with Dr. John Warner, Collaborative Aggregates, Warner Babcock Institute of green chemistry.

 iEmulsions Corporation was selected in the early admissions round in April 2023, as a participant of The Heritage Group Accelerator program for the Fall of 2023 program. The Heritage Group Accelerator is where HardTech, Industry 4.0, Climate, Sustainability and CleanTech converge. (