iEmulsions Corporation


We provide Agencies and Contractors with an easy way to introduce, evaluate, apply and adjust rejuvenator chemistries used to Extend the Service Life of any Asphalt Pavement

What We Do

We work closely with all pavement maintenance contractors and agencies to Define and Extend The Service life of an asphalt pavement while substantially impacting Environmental Product Declarations.

How You Ask?


  • No negative impact to Skid Resistance on an OGFC (Dynamic Friction Tester)
  • Reduces Viscosity (G*) by a minimum of 50% (Dynamic Shear Rheometer)
  • Extends Service Life up to 40%

Ease Of Adoption

  • Safe, easy to adapt and install on any conventional equipment
  • Measurable performance short-term and long-term data from the 2018 Track Cycle at the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University (NCAT)


  • Significant impact to Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Reduces disruption to traveling public
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

Cost Saving

  • Reduces cost per lane mile by a minimum of 20% (FHWA RSL Model)
  • Extends Service life of asphalt by up to 40%
  • Can be used to meet low carbon asphalt specs on IIJA and IRA funded projects
Why Us

We Believe In Dedication.

iEmulsions Corporation is the trusted partner of pavement preservation. We are reliable pavement experts maintaining the road network using balanced asphalt technology. Our reputation as an asphalt pavement preservation company says a lot about our expertise to keep the pavement assets in good condition. We ensure the quality of work and protection with our patented product, Rejuvenated Asphalt Surface Sealer (RASS).

Our Team


Brian Fennell

CEO and Founder

Martin Thompson


Macie Evans

Director of Social Media and Marketing

Asphalt Emulsions Manufacturers Association